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Cletta Farmhouse, Warooka

About 2.5 hours away from the hustle and bustle of Adelaide lays a little farming town. Warooka has a small population of 200, give or take a few, and a enough charisma to match city we have been in.

While we were there, the highlight was the people. Stewy, Jamie, Gus, Emily, Ray, Sky, Joanne. I wish I could name everyone of them. They knew us for about an hour and we had invitations to come back and stay a bit. The town pub might as well be called the Town Hall because everyone is there. But when the day is done, we went to where we stayed.

The quaintest little (did not turn out to be little at all) farmhouse you have ever seen. We stayed in a farmhouse called Cletta. It was located right between the town of Warooka and Turnston Point. The house had many bedrooms. We slept 17 people with room to ramble about. If you are looking for modern convenience, spa's, a mall to shop at...don't come here. If you want a host and hostess that will sweep you away with their charm, a B&B that feels like you are home, miles of fields to walk in, and a town that loves visitors like they are family. This is the place for you. I tried and capture its beauty in the photos but I really did not do it justice. The photos are the original owners.


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